Loma Alta Trophy Aoudad Hunts

1 to 2 Spots Open for Mid February through March 2024.

Single Aoudad Hunter
3 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt: $5,895.00

Two Hunter 2x1 Guided Hunt                                                                        4.5 Day 2x1 Guided Hunt: $5,895.00 Per 

Semi Guided hunts available for 3 or more. POR            

Bag Limit: 1 Aoudad Ram and 1 Javelina                                                          Onsite lodging & meals are included.

Very large far west Texas ranch right on the New Mexico border. Vastly varied terrain with a good road system. Great population of Aoudad, Pronghorn Antelope and some Gemsbok Oryx and Mule Deer.

Pronghorn will be available on a very limited basis with tags issued in August so please inquire then or we can put you on a waiting list, combo hunts are an option. Gemsbok Oryx can be taken on a trophy fee basis and will be $5,750.00 per one.

More details are available under the Hunting Ranches page.

West Texas Aoudad Hunts FAQs

Indio Ranch Trophy Aoudad Hunts

Sierra Blanca Trophy Aoudad Hunts

Now Booking for September 2023, Early 2024 is Booked.
Single Aoudad Hunter
3 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt: $4,495.00
4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt: $4,995.00  

Two Hunter 2x1 Guided Hunts available.                     

Available mid January through September. Meals and Lodging provided on 1x1 and 2x1 guided hunts.

Bag Limit: 1 Aoudad Ram, Up to 2 Hogs & Predators
13,000 acre ranch near Sonora Texas, canyon country.

Good road system on the ranch and the property is easily accessed right off highway. Semi guided hunts are also available on a limited basis.

Add an Axis Buck onto your hunt for $2,750.00 when available.

West Texas Aoudad Hunts are in the desert, expect warm days and cool nights even during winter months. A solid penetrating bullet and flat shooting rifle (minimum of .270 or similar) is a must on these Aoudad Hunts. A good pair of binoculars in the 10X or 12X range and if you have a spotting scope bring it along, we will be glassing out to past 1 mile to locate Trophy Rams on the move so we can put a stalk on one. If you are brave enough to try an Aoudad Sheep Hunt with your bow I would recommend a hunt in the Val Verde county area first. Hunters must be in good physical shape for these hunts, if you are not, arrangements can be made to hunt safari style or over feed and or water if available. You should be prepared to accurately shoot beyond 400 yards (not always the case) on a rifle Aoudad Sheep Hunt. If you happen to be a little unsure of heights let me know prior to booking. A good day pack to hold plenty of water and snacks is a must along with medium to hard soled boots well broken in with good tread left. Shin guards are also a good idea for the "no see um" cactus. Licenses for Aoudad can be purchased over the counter for your convenience, Type 157 for $48 for non resident.

Rancho Consuelo Trophy Aoudad Hunts

DIY/Self Guided Aoudad Hunts

Meals and lodging are provided on all guided hunts listed below.              Bag Limit: 1 Aoudad Ram and Hogs if applicable. 

Devils River Ranch #1:  (Min. of 2 Hunters to Book for this ranch)       

Now Booking for September 2023 & Early 2024.
4 Day 2x1 Guided Hunt:  $4,495.00 Per

Devils River Ranch # 2:  (1 to 3 Hunters)                                                      

2 Spots Open for October 2023, Early 2024 is Booked.
Available Mid February- Mid October
4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt:   $5,495.00 Per
5 Day 2x1 Guided Hunt:   $5,495.00 Per

The above properties are located on the actual Devils River.

Semi guided hunts are offered on a limited basis for groups of 3 to 5 hunters. Please contact for pricing and availability.

Trophy Aoudad Sheep Hunt Season

Aoudad Hunts

1 to 2 Spots Open for Early September 2023. Early 2024 is Booked.

Single Aoudad Hunter
3 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt: $4,495.00
4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt: $4,995.00

Two Hunter 2x1 Guided Hunt
4 Day 2x1 Guided Hunt: $4,695.00 Per

Semi Guided Aoudad Hunt: $3,995.00 Per
4 Day Aoudad Hunt with a Guide to Point you in the right direction. Minimum of 3 Hunters.
Lodging included, you bring your own food and vehicle(s).

Meals and Lodging provided on guided hunts.
Bag Limit: 1 Aoudad Ram, Hogs and Any Predators seen while Hunting
(Other Exotics available Nearby)

*Ranch is Not available Prior to Dates listed Above*

We are happy to provide References and Testimonials upon your request. Click for details on our West Texas Hunting Ranches

Devils River Trophy Aoudad Hunts

Now Booking for Fall 2023 and Early 2024.

3 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt: $5,495.00                                                                    4 Day 2x1 Guided Hunt: $5,495.00 Per                                                              4 Day Semi Guided Hunt: (Groups of 3 to 5) POR 

All above hunts will include lodging and meals. 1 Aoudad Ram, 1 Javelina, and opportunistic Predators per paid hunter.

This property holds a high population of Aoudad and great trophy quality. It is not yet up on our Hunting Ranches page but you can see a description and pictures off of one of the real estate ads HERE.  

If available combo Hunts with Mule Deer and or Quail are a possibility when in season. This would also be a good place for small to medium groups. Contact us with any questions or to book.

Agua Fria Trophy Aoudad Hunts

Let's Chat about West Texas Hunting

(915) 328-0645

Booked through Early 2024, Please Inquire for Fall 2024 & Later Dates.

Single Aoudad Hunter
4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt:  $5,495.00 Per                                                            5 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt: $6,495.00 Per

Two Hunter 2x1 Guided Aoudad Hunt
5 Day 2x1 Guided Hunt: $5,495.00 Per

4 Day Semi Guided: $4,595.00 Per (Min. of 3 to Book semi guided)            Pricing without meals or a camp set up provided on request.

Large remote mountainous far west Texas ranch with a great population of trophy Aoudad. Hunters must be in good physical shape. A back country style base camp or offsite yet close by lodging and hearty meals will be provided on each hunt including semi guided ones.

This is a great opportunity to experience a mountainous sheep hunt to it's full extent at a fraction of the cost.

Bag Limit: 1 Aoudad Ram

North & South ranches. North minimal roads and very rugged, lots of hiking.

Now Booking for Fall 2023 & Later                                                                    2 Hunters Maximum for this property. Hunts start with a Full day hunt.

Single Aoudad Hunter                                                                                        3.5 Day with 4 Nights 1x1 Guided Hunt:  $6,295.00 Per

Two Hunter 2x1 Guided Hunt                                                                           4 Day with 4 Nights 2x1 Guided Hunt: $5,995.00 Per

Nice onsite lodging and meals provided.                                                    Bag Limit:1 Aoudad Ram, Feral Hogs & Predators.

Both properties are near Alpine Tx. Rimrock terrain and a great road system allowing easier access on the South Ranch.

Contact us for More Information About our Ranches

Now Booking for Mid October 2023 & March 2024.

(Far West Texas Mountainous Terrain Hunt)

Single Aoudad Hunter                                                                                        3 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt:  $5,895.00     

Two Hunter 2x1 Guided Hunt                                                                          4.5 Day 2x1 Guided Hunt: $5,895.00 (Per)

Bag Limit: 1 Aoudad Ram & 1 Javelina

Onsite lodging and meals are included. 1 to 4 hunters can be accommodated, possibly more. More information under our Hunting Ranches page.

Aoudad Hunts
Aoudad Hunts

West Texas Aoudad Hunts

Cornudas Trophy Aoudad Hunts 

W.T.H.O. Aoudad Hunts are conducted in the rugged mountains of far West Texas where the best genetics for Trophy Rams are found. We also offer Aoudad Hunts on several ranches in Val Verde county in very limited numbers where there are also high quality Trophy Ram genetics. We are very specific in the properties we choose to offer our Aoudad Hunts on and we strive for only the best so you the client can have a memorable hunting experience. Aoudad Hunt Prices are according to the size of the property, accommodations, trophy quality, and availability. Nonresidents will need to purchase a Type 157 five (5) Day Special nonresident license which is $48.00 over the counter. Residents will need to purchase a Type 101 license. Please keep in mind each property has produced Trophy Rams upwards of 35"+ consistently each year. We set a strict quota of West Texas Aoudad Hunts each year on each property to keep pressure to a minimum so I highly recommend you book your Aoudad Sheep Hunt well in advance to ensure a date that fits your schedule. Most Aoudad hunts book up 1+ years in advance. 

Alpine Ranch Trophy Aoudad Hunts

Van Horn Ranch (1 to 4 Hunters)                                                                        Booked through Early 2024.

Van Horn Lower Ranch (1 to 2 Hunters)                                                            1 Opening for Late September 2023.

Sawyer Ranch (1 to 3 Hunters)                                                                            1 to 2 Openings for March 2024.       

5 Day Self Guided Hunt: $2,995.00 Per
7 Day Self Guided Hunt: $3,495.00 Per
Bag Limit: 1 Aoudad Ram, 1 Javelina, and opportunistic Predators.

*All 3 ranches border each other, larger groups can be split between properties*

​​Most Trophy Aoudad Sheep Hunts will be 3 to 4 days and during the Aoudad Rut which is September through late October or winter hunts (January through early March). Group discounts are available and we welcome up to 6 hunters at a time on most of our properties if there is availability. Our free range Trophy Aoudad Sheep Hunts are from early September through early March with some Devils River (Val Verde) properties available year round. Devils River andRancho Consuelo properties are to be considered Canyon country for those wanting to go hike and still have a challenge, but also better road systems and feeders are on some properties to accommodate Safari style or out of Blind Aoudad Hunts. All Other Properties in far West Texas have rugged terrain and can prove to be physically challenging in most cases. These are free range low fence hunts.  Availability is updated weekly below, we do on occasion have hunts available on ranches not listed here so please ask us for any other possible options.