Now offering Trophy Free Range Axis hunts on 5 great ranches in the Sonora & Rocksprings Tx area! Preserve hunts also available on the Los Cuernos.Click Here for Many More Axis Photos.

Please inquire for information on our other ranches not listed.

Diamond TF Ranch Free Range Trophy Axis Hunt  
$2895 One Mature Trophy Buck
2.5 Day Guided Axis Hunt with 2 Nights Lodging and Meals

Los Cuernos Ranch Trophy Axis Hunt
Fenced  Or Free Range 
$2595 One Mature Trophy Buck
2 Day Guided Hunt with 2 Nights Lodging

Note to Hunters: Our Axis Hunts take place in the Sonora Texas area with a nearby Taxidermist and Meat Processor offered at your expense. Most animals taken outside of deer season can be processed into simple cuts in just a days’ time for your convenience. Axis Hunts can be combined with additional Exotics on nearby WTHO properties.

Exotic Hunts

Our West Texas Exotic Hunts consist of Axis, Black Buck, Sika, Rams, Fallow (and more!). We are able to create a hunt package that suits your needs as best as possible. Options such as you providing your own lodging, meals, booking with 2 hunters and making it a 2x1 hunt will all lower hunt costs as examples if applicable. Group discounts are offered and additional days may be added at no additional charge to ensure your Hunt success on larger group hunts. Any Hogs or Predators seen during your hunt may be taken at no additional charge within reason. The Diamond TF and Los Cuernos Ranch both offer an excellent Turkey population and a Turkey Hunt could be added to your bag limit on a trophy fee basis during the Spring or Fall season if available. We also offer Free Range Sika and Mouflon Rams on a limited basis. Contact us for other exotic hunts not listed here.

Exotics can be hunted year round with licenses available over the counter!

More Elk Photos Here 
Bull Hunts - Please Inquire
Available on Several West Texas Ranches

(Only 3 to 4  Trophy Elk Hunts offered each Year)

Trophy Elk Hunt Pricing for 2020
3 or 4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt  POR
Bag Limit: 1 Trophy Bull Elk

Additional Hunt days are $750+ per day and include lodging and meals. Up to 3 nights lodging is included on a 3 day hunt.

West Texas Exotic Hunts

Free Range Trophy Axis Hunts in Texas

Trophy Axis Hunts

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We hunt several different properties for Elk in the Van Horn area and occasionaly near Ft. Stockton. These free ranging Elk have migrated down from New Mexico and a few were also transplanted over 50 years ago in this area to try to reintroduce a strong Elk herd to the West Texas region. These are true Free Ranging Elk! Texas Elk Hunts will take place over large irrigated fields, water tanks, and surrounding brush country where the elk feed and bed regularly. Bulls range in all sizes and it is the hunter’s choice on what he or she would like to harvest with no size or point limits. Elk Herds range in size from 5 to 25 plus animals. We will also offer a few Cow Elk Hunts each year to regulate the herd population.

Your West Texas Elk Hunt includes meals and lodging. Bow or rifle hunters are welcome. Elk Hunts will be conducted out of brush/hay blinds, safari style and spot and stalk. These hunts are perfect for anyone in any physical condition due to the flat terrain, good roads, and easy access to the fields. Shots in the 300 to 400-yard range will be expected and a minimum caliber of .270 or similar is required with a .30 caliber rifle highly recommended. Archery or Pistol hunters can be set up over water holes for closer shots or at the edges of the fields where the Elk funnel into feed. Make sure you bring at least 2 Large Ice Chests for the meat, ice can be bought in town only 15 minutes away so no need to travel with it prior to the hunt. Taxidermy is available at several nearby locations.

West Texas Elk Hunting Trips

Rams $895+

Red Stag $3500-$6500

Sika $1895

Scimitar Cow $2500+ Bull POR

Buffalo $2500+

Zebra POR

Rhea $1250 (for 2)

Others available on request

Here's a list of all the Exotic Hunts we offer:

Preserve Trophy Axis Hunts will take place on 800 acres on the Los Cuernos Ranch. There is a very high population of Axis Deer in the preserve with multiple mature Trophy Axis Bucks hard horned both during Summer and Winter. The majority of our Axis Hunts will be conducted during late Spring and Summer when most of our Axis Bucks are hard horned and when they are rutting. A handful of fall and winter hunts will also be offered for the hard horned trophy Axis Bucks we do have on both properties. Nice on site House to stay in that can sleep 8 comfortably.  While on a Buck Hunt an Axis Doe Hunt may be added for $350. This ranch has offered 100% multiple shot opportunities to clients the past 3 years. Outside of the preserve there is an additional 3,200 free ranging acres available to hunt. The Axis Deer population here is fair to good with a high trophy quality, only a few Axis Hunts will be offered on the low fence portion.

Management Axis Buck Hunts on both the Diamond TF or Los Cuernos ranch are available on a limited basis throughout the year. They will be broken horn Axis bucks posing a threat to larger mature trophies, older Axis bucks past their prime, or Axis bucks with inferior genetics. Please contact for pricing and availability.

Preserve Trophy Axis Hunts

Management Axis Buck Hunts

Far West Texas Free Range Elk Hunts

Your Free Range Trophy Axis Hunts in Texas will take place primarily on the Diamond TF Ranch just outside Sonora Texas. The ranch is 2,000 acres with plenty of water, food plots, brush management, and protein. Free Range Axis Hunts will also be offered on the Los Cuernos Ranch (also in Sonora) on a limited basis. Axis Hunts will be kept to a minimum to keep quality and success rates high. The Axis Hunts  will take place over a food plot, feeder, water hole, or stalking in the surrounding hills. We will be after a Buck in the 30 inch plus range and our Axis Hunts average 31" to 35" plus bucks. Axis Doe Hunts may be available if population allows for it. We have produced a 100% Shot opportunity on our free range Axis Hunts for the past 4 years. We also have access to several other great ranches in the area to hunt if needed.

Axis $1595-$2895

Axis Does $350 + Guide

Aoudad $1695+

Addax $4500-$5500

Blackbuck $1800-$2200

Elk $6500+

Fallow $3500-$4500

Moulfon Cross $895

Ibex Cross POR

Easy to get over the counter Elk Tags make this a great hunt for someone not wanting to travel long distances out of state and still get a true free range Elk Hunting experience or for someone tired of not getting drawn for an out of state Elk Hunt tag. No Draw or Tag is needed for these hunts; Elk are considered an Exotic in Texas so a General Resident license is all that is needed to hunt one or a 5 Day Non Resident license which is only $48 over the counter. We expect a high shot opportunity on these hunts as long as the weather is cooperating. Prices are very competitive to others in the area and with a flat fee (no trophy fees) Elk Hunting Texas cannot be beat! Very few hunts will be offered each year and we will pre book up to 2 years in advance. Guided Elk Hunts will be offered starting in August for a hunter wanting a nice bull in velvet and in September when they are hard horned and in the Rut. We can also conduct Guided Elk Hunts during the winter months if available.

Free Range Trophy Elk Hunts

Exotic Hunts

Over the counter Elk Tags

Ranked as one of the Top Texas Trophy Exotic Hunting Destinations in 2016 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

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