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1 Day Hunt. Groups of 3 to 5 welcome to book.  $200 Each                           No Lodging included, unlimited hogs included. Hunt from just before sunrise until dark. Semi guided.

3 Day Semi Guided Hunt. Groups of 3 to 8 welcome to book. $800 Each    3 nights lodging included, no meals. Unlimited hogs and predators with night hunting allowed- you bring your own night gear.

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Hog Hunts

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Ranked as one of the Top West Texas Hog Hunting Destinations in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

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Self Guided & Semi Guided  hunt packages are available on the properties below. A fully guided hunt can be arranged, POR. Parties of 1 up to 8 hunters can be accommodated possibly more. Day and Night hunting is allowed and any legal weapon is also allowed. Fishing is included at no charge on our Van Horn area properties.

The Van Horn, VH Lower, Sawyer & 4D North properties all border each other allowing for larger parties wanting a semi guided hunt with lodging with or without meals added.


The Consuelo Ranch Hog Hunts are $650 per hunter for unlimited Hogs and Predators. 2-day semi guided Hog Hunt with 2 nights lodging provided. Cooking facilities provided or meals can be added for a fee.

Minimum of 3 Hunters and Maximum of 8.

You can stand hunt over a feeder on this hunt or walk and stalk the canyons on the property.

4D North Ranch Hog Hunts

Consuelo Ranch Texas Hog Hunts

Sawyer & Van Horn Lower Ranch

Now available to the Public! Parties of 2 to 6 are welcome to book. Semi guided hunt with lodging included, meals can be added or cooking facilities provided. WiFi access, Catfishing allowed while not hunting. 1 hour from Van Horn, (Borders Van Horn Ranch). Night hunting is allowed.

$450 Per Hunter. Up to 4 Hogs Each + Predators. 2 Day Hunt.                      or $750 Per Hunter for a Combo Up to 4 Hogs + 1 Javelina + Predators.

Combo hunts are not available until Fall 2023 at this time. 

Hog Hunts

Van Horn Ranch Hog Hunts

West Texas Hog Hunts

Loma Alta Texas Hog Hunts

1 Day DIY Hunt $150 Each for up to 2 Hogs Per Hunter & Predators or $250 Each for 2.5 Days of Hunting & up to 4 Hogs per hunter with Predators. Day or night hunting allowed. Lighted feeders in place with campsite.

Located just 45 minutes south of Van Horn, TX. VH Campsite has running water & electricity. Several miles of Rio Grande river frontage to hunt, semi remote. Fair to decent Hog population. Rustic Lodging on VH available for a small fee and fishing is allowed. 1 to 4 hunters.

1 Day DIY Hunt $150 Each for up to 2 Hogs Per Hunter & Predators or $250 Each for 2.5 Days of Hunting & up to 4 Hogs per hunter with Predators. Day or night hunting allowed. 1 Lighted Feeder in place. 

1 to 3 hunters can be accommodated. Located 55 minutes south of Van Horn, TX. Borders Van Horn Ranch, both properties can be booked together for larger parties. Primitive camping allowed.

Baiting is allowed & fishing. Fair to decent hog population.