Loma Alta Hog Hunts are $650 per hunter for unlimited Hogs per hunter for a 2-day hunt with 2 nights lodging.

Minimum of 3 to Book and Maximum of 6.

Semi-guided safari style hunt on 13,000 acres  South of Sonora, Texas.

Still hunting and night hunting is allowed.

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West Texas Hog Hunts

Loma Alta Texas Hog Hunts

1 Day Hunt Special $125 Each for up to 2 Hogs per Hunter & Predators or $250 per hunter for up to 4 Hogs each and Unlimited Predators, up to 2.5-day self guided hunt. Day or Night hunting allowed.

1 to 4 hunters can be accommodated. Located 55 minutes south of Van Horn, TX. Borders Van Horn Ranch, both properties can be booked for larger parties.

Spot and stalk hunt or bring your own bait. Fair to decent hog population. Primitive camping allowed, no lodging at this time. Fishing allowed.

Hog Hunts

The Consuelo Ranch Hog Hunts are $650 per hunter for unlimited Hogs and Predators. 2-day Hog Hunt with 2 nights lodging provided.

Minimum of 3 Hunters and Maximum of 8.

Walk and Stalk + Safari type hunt through the canyons on the ranch.

Included with your Hog Hunt, guide will take hunters out for 1 evening of the hunt to predator call Fox on the property.

Consuelo Ranch Texas Hog Hunts

Sawyer Ranch Texas Hog Hunts

Semi guided hunt with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 hunters to book. 2 Day hunt with 2 Nights lodging, lodging location will depend on time of year booked. Day or Night hunting allowed.

$450 Per hunter includes up to 4 Hogs of Any size per hunter. Can be combined with Javelina for a combo hunt. Located near Van Horn Texas. Hunt over feeders or spot & stalk.

Hog Hunts

Van Horn Ranch Texas Hog Hunts

1 Day Hunt Special $125 Each for up to 2 Hogs Per Hunter & Predators or $250 per hunter for up to 4 Hogs each and Unlimited Predators, 2.5-day self-guided  hunt. Day or night hunting allowed.

Located just 45 minutes south of Van Horn, TX. Campsite with running water, lights, and carport. Several miles of Rio Grande river frontage to hunt, and a few feeders. Fair to decent Hog population. Simple Lodging available for a small fee and fishing is allowed. 1 to 4 hunters.

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**Now Offering Thermal Hog Hunts in West Texas** $400 Per Hunter 2 Hunter Min. 4 Max. Unlimited Hogs Per Hunter (Trophy Or Meat). 1 Night guided hunt with thermal scoped suppressed rifles. Will take place on properties in the Van Horn area. Unlimited Predators included.

We prefer a minimum group of 2 on our Hog Hunts and can take up to 8 hunters on most properties at a time. Hog Hunts will be offered during the off season and limited dates available during actual deer season with some ranches off limits until after season. Please contact me for more specific information on a particular West Texas Hog Hunting location. Non Residents need a 5 Day Type 157 license (over the counter). Come on out and chase some Hogs!

4D North Ranch Texas Hog Hunts

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