The 4D SouthHunting Ranch is located in far southern Presidio county  and is bordered by Big Bend State Park with the town of Redford nearby and old Mexico just to the south.  The terrain on the north end of the property is very rugged with no road access while the southern portion is much milder.  A large cleared out area at the base of a hill makes for an ideal primitive campsite. Click Here for photos of these properties.

The Consuelo and Devils River Hunting Ranches are located just south of Ozona and Sonora Texas in Val Verde county and are known for big Trophy Aoudad just as Presidio county is. Val Verde county also offers great Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts, Turkey, and Exotic hunting.  Rancho Consuelo offers a good road system, many protein feeders that Aoudad and Whitetail feed at frequently and comfortable newly built lodge with satellite TV and Wi-Fi. There is even an ice machine to keep your ice chests topped off for cold beverages and to keep your meat cool.

Directions to the Van Horn Hunting Ranch

Indio Ranch Texas Hunting Ranch

Consuelo and Devils River Hunting Ranches

To find this ranch on a Texas map, you start by looking at Valentine Texas and draw a line straight West until you hit the Rio Grande then go a little North and that is roughly the center of the Ranch. A fair amount of Aoudad and Mule deer are on the Ranch along with a healthy population of Javelina, Quail, and of course Predators. Rams upwards of 33" and Mule Deer in the 140" to 160"range have regularly been harvested off this Texas Hunting Ranch. A growing population of Hogs inhabit the river area and offer a challenging hunt along the thick brush near the river. Hunts on this ranch are very affordable and we can accommodate larger groups for most hunts. There is also some great cat fishing in the river (when it has water) nearby to camp and who knows you may even see an Elk or Oryx passing through. This Hunting Ranch contains a fair road system although a high clearance vehicle with good tires is a must, 4x4 is highly recommended with a Jeep being best to get into the most remote areas.The East side of the ranch is primitive with the only roads being 2 tracks up washes/drainage's and steeper hills. A good pair of walking boots, a jeep, or even a horse is your best means of transportation. Self-guided hunters need to bring a chainsaw to cut down some wood for the fire pit, and always leave more than you use please. Hunters can fly into El Paso and rent a vehicle, meet us in Van Horn, or airport pick up is available for a small fee. The ranch is an easy 3-hour drive from El Paso international airport.

We will offer guided, semi guided, and self-guided Hunts on this  Ranch. Driving and long distance glassing will be done to locate animals along with a combination of hiking, hunting over or near corn/protein feeders and near water. Hunters must be in good physical condition or be very patient and watch trails or hunt near feed. Shots upwards of 400 plus yards can be expected on larger game. We will free choice feed year round and have several watering areas in place. The  Ranch is available to lease for mule deer rifle season for a medium sized group. Only mature animals may be harvested and the deer population is on the rebound so this is a true trophy lease and not a "shooters" lease. We are able to offer self-guided hunts for that very reason.

Sierra Blanca Ranch

W.T.H.O. has access to many properties across the west and central part of the state. Due to the various ranches it is sometimes hard to keep everything up to date and current on our website and social media. If a ranch description is not given please give us a call and I will gladly give you the details of the property. Also combined with the various properties we do hunt not all hunts are listed or possible packages, if you do not see something your looking for just ask and if we do not offer it we will gladly point you in the right direction.

West Texas Hunting Ranches

There is no lodging available onsite for the 4D South ranch but less than 30 minutes away is Lajitas Resort to the east and Presidio 25 minutes to the west. Very limited controlled hunting is done in the State Park making the ranch an ideal location for quality hunting. Nearest airport would be El Paso or Midland. We can provide a spike camp set up for our guided hunters or set up offsite lodging. Due to the short Texas Mule Deer season we do offer a season lease on this property rather than guided hunts. There is a healthy Mule Deer & Javelina population for the area. 

Hunting with West Texas Hunt Organization you will be able to hunt nearly year round. Summer time is often warm but at the same time is better hunting for a variety of exotics and night hog hunts. Fall & Winter is best for Aoudad, Javelina, Predators and Hogs. Spring for Gobbling Toms & Meat Hunts but don't forget Whitetail and Mule Deer while in season in the fall/winter too. It is highly recommended that hunters are in good physical shape and are able to hike a couple miles each day to reach glassing vantage points for Aoudad & Mule Deer on our more rugged properties.  Single hunters are always welcome, beginners or novice. We also do host corporate hunts and can create a package to suit your needs and budget. Some hunts we do require a minimal caliber size to hunt with, please check with us prior to see if this applies to your hunt.

The Hueco property is located in the furthest western part of Texas in the Hueco mountains 1 hour east of El Paso in Hudspeth county. It is a large property totaling over 100 sections of land with varied terrain containing high desert mountains over a mile high in elevation to the lower flat lands and sand dune country. There is a healthy population of Mule Deer, Aoudad, and Javelina on the property. On occasion we also offer Blue's & Gambles Quail hunts. Hunters can fly into El Paso International and rent a vehicle or airport transportation can be arranged. The ranch is easily accessed off a maintained dirt road. Lodging is in a comfortable new manufactured home with all basic amenities. A private room can be arranged if needed with prior notice or another house for larger parties if needed.Hueco Photos Click Here.

This property is extremely large in size totaling 625 square miles with a wide variety of terrain. Terrain includes larger mountains with 2500ft to 3000ft elevation changes, broken hills and large Greasewood flats. There are 2 lodging locations on the property roughly 20 miles apart to rotate areas hunted on the ranch. The road system is excellent throughout the ranch with hundreds of miles of roads in place allowing for lots of area to be glassed. There are also plenty of areas to hike into off the beaten path which is best for the Aoudad hunting on this property.

The ranch is on the Managed Lands Deer Program allowing for an extended season which gives us the opportunity to hunt Mule deer during the rut. There is a great population of deer on the ranch with multiple year round water and feed locations in place. Aoudad flourish in the higher country with good numbers of Javelina living in the arroyos. Single hunters or groups are welcome if available for all of these hunts.

The main lodging facility offers a large open bunk house room with Satellite TV, Walk in Cooler, Washer & Dryer, and great AT&T cell signal. There is a private room that can be arranged if needed and a small apartment as well. If you have any further questions on this property please contact me directly.

Consuelo and Devils River Hunting Trips

Directions to Consuelo and Devils River

Your Texas Hunting Season with West Texas Hunt

Indio borders the 4D North on its north side and is a 40,000 acre mountainous property with a road system throughout the entire ranch. We will only be hunting a handful of Mule Deer & Aoudad on this ranch. All other game is Protected under the specific and unique ranch rules. An established primitive campsite is in place or hunters can stay offsite on the 4D N. house for a fee. This is a physically challenging  property and hunters must be in good physical condition. There is a healthy Mule Deer & Aoudad population on the ranch. Guided and semi guided hunts only will be offered here.

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The 4D North Ranch is nearly identical to the 4D South  Ranch but is larger totaling nearly 30,000 acres. There is a decent road system throughout the Ranch and we can accommodate most hunters if they are able to shoot longer distances. . The 4D North Ranch offers a good population of Trophy Free Ranging Aoudad, Javelina, Quail, a growing population of Hogs and Predators. The same goes for the 4D south just no Hogs.  There will be no hunting on the 4D North for Mule Deer for several years until our management goals have been met.  A modest simple ranch house that can accommodate up to 12 hunters is located onsite with constant improvements. We will only offer Semi Guided & Guided hunts for this property. The 4D North is located 50 minutes south of Van Horn Texas making El Paso the nearest Airport. This property is located in a semi remote area bordering the Van Horn ranch.

Most hunts our clients will have the properties to themselves with no other hunters unless booking with a group. These Hunting Trips will only offer Guided or 2x1 Guided hunts on this ranch. Group style hunts still offer very high success rates (nearly 100%) and these Texas Hunting Ranches are large enough to support a group of up to 5 hunters easily. Rancho Consuelo totals over 8,000 acres and with all the big canyons, hills, and valleys and it hunts like a ranch twice its size. Rancho Consuelo is a great choice for the hunter wanting to hike or sit in a stand.

Aoudad Archery Hunts

This ranch borders the Sawyer on it south side and is roughly 3,500 acres in size. It does also border the Rio Grande where we will offer a few limited Hog & Javelina hunts. If you walked in fishing is included on all of our hunts here. There is a jeep trail that will get you well into the interior of the ranch and several feed or water sites that we haul water into.

There is a huntable population of Aoudad and a recovering mule deer population here along with good numbers of Quail. Javelina & Hogs are in good numbers near the river part of the property.

Camping is allowed at the designated site although it is primitive at this time so please come well prepared.

Hueco Ranch

Hunting on the Hueco Ranch

This ranch may be new to the website but not new to WTHO. We have been hunting here for several years and it is best suited for our hunters liking rough, rugged, and challenging hunts. It borders the Van Horn Ranch to the south & VH Lower to the north and offers very minimal road access. Property size is approximately 7,500 acres with Rio Grande river frontage. Aoudad hunters must be ready to hunt entirely on foot. It is located 50 minutes south of Van Horn. There is no lodging onsite currently or any amenities but we are working to provide that to our hunters soon. We will also offer a very limited number of Mule deer hunts each season if population allows.

Van Horn Lower Hunting Ranch

Looking for a Aoudad Archery Hunt? Well let's go get a Big Aoudad Ram with a Bow or Crossbow, Consuelo and Devils River Ranch is the place to do it. The Aoudad population on the ranch is High and a Trophy Ram in the 28" to 32" range is what is typically harvested. Rams upwards of 35 inches have been taken here almost every year. Mature Whitetail average 140" to 150" plus inches. Aoudad feed frequently at the many protein feeders on the ranch and we will set up Pop Up blinds or Tripod stands to hunt out of. You are more than welcome to try a Spot and Stalk Hunt as well but it’s going to be tough. Rifle hunts will consist of Hiking, Driving and Glassing and hunting Feed or watering stations. A good pair of Bino's and or Spotting Scope is a must on this Texas Hunting Ranch.

Come join us for a great West Texas Hunt! Give us a call or contact us for over 300 references and testimonials.

The Van Horn Hunting Camp is a simple one room cabin with water and electricity and is where we will lay our head on guided Hunts. A brand new shower house was also just added in June 2013 to make your stay more comfortable while in this remote area. Camp is simple, clean, and gets the job done while offering a truly rustic experience. Self-guided hunters will have access to the campsite which has running water, lights, fire pit, simple skinning rack, and a small covered area. You must haul out your own trash and use your own firewood please! Please respect the Texas Hunting Ranch including the campsite leaving it better than you found it.

4D N, South, Sawyer & Indio Hunting Ranches

​Loma Alta Hunting Ranch

Located just outside the small town of Loma Alta Texas roughly 45 minutes south of Sonora Tx and 45 minutes north of Del Rio with easy access right off Highway 277. The property totals 13,000 acres with a vast road system. There is a very healthy population of Whitetail, Aoudad, Axis, Wild Hogs and few other various exotics. Currently the lodging facilities are being remodeled so lodging for these hunts will be provided offsite until further notice.

Spot and stalk is our primary hunting style on this ranch and the thick brushy hills requires a lot of patience and a trained eye to locate game. Group hog hunts are popular on this ranch. Please call me for more details on this property.

West Texas Hunt Organization provides many opportunities for year round hunting. Each of the Texas Hunting Ranches we feature provide exceptional hunts for big and small game animals. From Free Ranging low fence or no fence to preserve hunts are available. Contact us for more details, references and testimonials can be provided. Not all properties are listed below feel free to inquire about any of them.

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These properties are located right outside Juno Texas (small dot on a Texas map) about 45 minutes to Ozona. Hunters can fly into San Angelo and rent a vehicle or you can meet us near the Ranch. From San Angelo you can expect about a 2 hour drive to the ranch. Airport pick up is available for a small fee. You can also fly into San Antonio which is roughly 3-hours from the ranches in this area. We do have a Taxidermist available in Sonora who can pick up your Trophy from the ranch directly if you so choose to do. I also have multiple ranches on the Devils River which are a short drive from the Rancho Consuelo that also offer great Aoudad hunting opportunities. Please inquire for the latest ranches and specifics on each one. 

Van Horn Hunting Camp

Van Horn/Barrow Hunting Ranch is located 1-hour South West of Van Horn Texas in northern Presidio county and this Texas Hunting Ranch has it all. High desert hills, larger arroyos, small chalk hills, and even Rio Grande river frontage. There are a few natural springs located throughout the ranch drawing in and holding wildlife. This property is 15,000 acres where both self-guided and guided hunts will be offered on a limited basis.  More Photos of this ranch Here.

Van Horn/Barrow Hunting Ranch

Due to the large area the property encompasses most hunts will be done safari style meaning driving in ranch vehicles and glassing the hillsides for game. Some hiking may be required more so on the Aoudad hunts. Year round protein feed is fed on the property with multiple water guzzlers stationed throughout the ranch providing water year round including in dryer conditions. Typically only 2 Trophy Mule Deer hunts are offered and only a handful of Management Buck hunts. Combo hunts are available for Mule Deer & Aoudad. Plan on hunting all day while on most hunts weather permitting.

We will hunt these Ranches from September through early March each year for Aoudad and Whitetail during the regular general season.  A combo hunt is a possibility if available. Terrain on the ranch varies from deep canyons, big valley floors, and small mesas which is an Aoudad and Deer paradise. Plant life consists of varying Cacti, Cedar, Oaks, Mesquite and Grass. The Brush and Cactus on the ranch make for good stalking conditions although they also make it hard to spot the Aoudad at times. The floor is very rocky and most of it is loose, a good walking stick will do you some good out here.Consuelo & Devils River Photos Here.

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