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Van Horn Lower Javelina Hunt

Now Booking for Fall 2023 and Later

Hunt Pricing: $375 Per Hunter
2.5 Day Self Guided hunt, minimum of 1 hunter max of 4. No amenities, primitive camping allowed and fishing is allowed if accessed on foot. Can be combined with hog hunt, Borders the Sawer Ranch.
Bag Limit: 2 Javelina and Predators

​Now Booking for Fall 2023 and Later

Groups of 4+ Only to Book, Guided 2 to 2.5 Day hunt with 2 nights lodging. Brunch and dinner included. 2 Javelinas each and any Coyotes seen.

$950 Per Hunter.  Safari style  & spot-stalk hunt.

Sierra Blanca Ranch Javelina Hunts

Sawyer Ranch Javelina Hunts

4D North Ranch Javelina Hunts

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Now Booking for Fall 2023 & Later.

Hunt Pricing: POR

Combo hunts are available for a variety of species. Our most popular is being paired up with a guided predator hunt and or Hogs. We can do it with most exotics depending on the time of year as well. Contact us for a specific quote for your combo package.

Javelina Hunts

Now Booking for Fall 2023 & Later.

​Preferably for groups of 4 to 8 , Semi Guided. $850 Per Hunter                  Hunts will be 2 to 2.5 days in length and will include lodging, brunch and dinner.  Smaller groups POR.                                                                              If you handle your own Food & Drinks the rate is $700 Per Hunter            

Bag Limit: Up to 2 Javelina and Opportunistic Predators

Now Booking for Late 2023 and Early 2024
2.5 Day Self Guided Javelina Hunt $375 Per Hunter
Minimum of 2 Hunters, maximum of 6.
Bag Limit: 2 Javelina and Predators. Access to Campsite (Water & Lights) & Fishing included. Simple Lodging available for a small fee. Can be combined with a hog hunt.

Javelina Hunts

Javelina Combo Hunts

Van Horn/Barrow Ranch Javelina Hunts

Javelina Hunts

West Texas Javelina Hunts

West Texas Javelina Hunts will be conducted in the Trans Pecos & Big Bend region of Texas and they are available on the majority of our properties. Javelina on average weigh 40 to 50lbs with larger trophy Javelina boars weighing upwards of 60lbs+ and they now are listed in the SCI record book. Both Javelina boars and Sows sport sharp javelin type teeth which is where their name derived from. In the counties we hunt the season is year round and open to any legal hunt method. Javelina make great European, Shoulder, and full body mounts. 

Javelina Hunts will typically be 2 days guided or self-guided over feed and water or glassing the arroyos at dawn and dusk. Javelina usually come to feed and water regularly under normal weather conditions. Hunters are allowed to take 2 Javelina per license year and they are available to hunt year round. Javelina Hunts are great hunts to introduce someone to the sport of hunting, something to do during the off season, or for a larger group wanting to get away for the weekend. Shot opportunity to date is 90% on guided hunts and 80% on self-guided hunts.

Now Booking for Fall 2023 and Later

Single Hunter
2.5 Day Self Guided Javelina Hunt $375 Per Hunter
Minimum of 1 Hunter, Maximum of 4
Bag Limit: 2 Javelina and Predators
No onsite amenities, access to a primitive campsite and fishing allowed if accessed on foot. Can be combined with a Hog hunt.

Parties of 2 to 6 are welcome to book. Semi guided 2 day hunt with lodging. WiFi access and catfishing allowed while you are not hunting. Meals are not included but they can be added for a fee. This ranch borders the Van Horn Ranch. Booking for Fall 2023 & Later                        $650 Per Hunter. Up to 2 Javelina Each and Any Predators seen.            Or $850 Per hunter for 2 Javelina, 2 Hogs and Any Predators seen.

Agua Fria Javelina Hunt 

West Texas Javelina Hunts FAQs