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West Texas Hunting Ranches

The West Texas Hunt Organization provides many opportunities for year-round hunting. Each of the Texas Hunting Ranches we feature provide exceptional hunts for big and small game animals. Free Ranging low fence or no fence to preserve hunts are available. Contact us for more details, references and testimonials can be provided. Not all properties are listed below; feel free to inquire about any of them. You can reach us through our contact form or directly at or Mike (mulie_mike) (915) 328-0645

Happy Hunting!

West Texas Hunting Ranches

Van Horn/Barrow Hunting Ranch

Van Horn/Barrow Hunting Ranch is located 1-hour Southwest of Van Horn Texas in northern Presidio County and this Texas Hunting Ranch has it all. High desert hills, larger arroyos, small chalk hills, and even Rio Grande River frontage. There are a few natural springs located throughout the ranch drawing in and holding wildlife. This property is 15,000 acres where both self-guided and guided hunts will be offered on a limited basis. More Photos of this ranch Here.

Van Horn Ranch

Hunters may be designated specific areas of the ranch to hunt for the particular species they are after for such as Hogs along the river only and not in the high desert hills where there are none. A fair amount of Aoudad and recovering yet strictly managed Mule deer herd are on the Ranch along with a healthy population of Javelina and Quail. Rams upwards of 34" and Mule Deer in the 130" to 160"range have regularly been harvested off this property. A fair number of Hogs inhabit the river area and offer a challenging hunt along the thick brush and salt cedars. Hunts on this ranch are very affordable and we can accommodate larger groups for most hunts. There is also some great cat fishing in the river nearby to camp. The property contains a fair road system although a high clearance vehicle with good tires is a must, a 4x4 is needed.

There is a campsite with lights, running water and firepit included to use on all hunts or a simple rustic cabin available for a fee. An additional cabin is also available near the main headquarters for parties of 1 to 2 people, maybe 3 for a fee. 

Sierra Blanca Ranch

The Sierra Blanca ranch is nearly 300,000 acres, yes almost 470 square miles of land to hunt! Located in far west Texas about 1 hour east of the El Paso airport to the main ranch gate. There are some of the highest peaks in Texas on the property and a great road system throughout the entire ranch. It is a managed ranch for all wildlife, and it is on the MLD program giving us an extended season for Mule Deer allowing us to hunt them in the rut.

This is a great property to host a variety of group hunts with several lodging locations allowing us to cater to your specific needs. Of course, single hunters are always welcome.

Sierra Blanca Hunt Info

Aoudad are hunted up in the high peaks and mountains on the ranch, so you still need to be in good physical shape for this ranch. Mule deer are hunted in the flat lands and hills mostly by covering lots of ground with vehicles and glassing to locate a mature trophy quality buck. We also offer Javelina and predator hunts on this property and occasionally hunts for quail.

Guided Predator hunts can be paired with any trophy hunt and is a popular pairing for most hunts. You can find more pictures of the ranch under the link under the 4D North ranch page, I have combined most of them being they are all very similar properties in close proximity to one another.

Van Horn Lower Hunting Ranch

This ranch borders the Sawyer on its south side and is roughly 3,500 acres in size. It does also border the Rio Grande where we will offer a few limited Hog & Javelina hunts. If you walked in, fishing is included on all our hunts here. There is a jeep trail that will get you well into the interior of the ranch and several feed or water sites that we maintain year-round.

There is a huntable population of Aoudad and a recovering mule deer population here along with excellent numbers of Quail. Javelina & Hogs are in fair to decent numbers near the river part of the property.

Camping is allowed at the designated site although it is primitive at this time so, please come well prepared.

Cornudas Ranch 

All Hunts are Booked Here for the Foreseeable Future.

Located 1 hour east of El Paso and right along the New Mexico border this 70,000-acre ranch has a vast mix of terrain. From near vertical peaks, small mountains and rolling hills down to creosote flats. The property is well watered with nearly 100 miles of water lines, dirt tanks and water troughs scattered throughout the property. There is a good road system throughout. Elevations range anywhere from 4,000 ft up to 5,600 ft on the property.

A healthy population of Aoudad, Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer, and some Gemsbok Oryx call the ranch home. Limited hunts are offered for Pronghorn and Gemsbok will be on a trophy fee basis until further notice. Combo hunts are a possibility.

 More Photos of the ranch HERE.

Sawyer Ranch

This ranch is best suited for those able & willing to hike and put on the miles due to the very limited road accessibility. It borders the Van Horn Ranch to the south & VH Lower to the north. Property size is approximately 7,500 acres with Rio Grande River frontage. Aoudad hunters must be ready to hunt entirely on foot. It is located 50 minutes south of Van Horn. There is no lodging onsite currently or any amenities, but we are working to provide that to our hunters soon. We will also offer a very limited number of Mule deer hunts each season if the population allows. New water and feed stations are in place on the property. Mule deer hunts will be DIY option or a general season lease.

Self-guided Hog, Javelina, and Quail hunts are available here.

Indio Ranch

Indio borders the 4D North on its north side and is a 40,000-acre mountainous property with a good road system throughout the entire ranch. We will only be hunting a handful of Mule Deer & Aoudad on this ranch. All other game is Protected under the specific and unique ranch rules. An established primitive campsite is in place where all hunters staying onsite will camp. This is a physically challenging property and hunters must be in good physical shape. There is a healthy Mule Deer & Aoudad population on the ranch. Only guided and semi-guided hunts will be offered here. Offsite yet nearby lodging & meals will be provided on fully guided hunts.

The ranch is located  about 1 hour from Van Horn Tx and sits right below the Eagle Mountains. There are a handful of Big Horn sheep on the ranch and the occasional Elk so bring your camera. This is a popular property so be sure to book well in advance. 

Hueco Ranch

Click Here for photos of the Hueco, Sawyer, & Indio Hunting Ranches.

Hueco is 30 minutes east of El Paso right in the heart of the Hueco mountains. The property has been managed for several years offering a healthy mule deer population and large aoudad herds. A great road system will allow our hunters to glass the majority of the property from vehicles then stalk in. Some hiking will need to be done in some areas.

Guided hunts for Aoudad, Mule Deer and Javelina are offered on this property and occasionally Quail. Lodging is in a newer modular home with all basic amenities and hearty meals. The property is roughly 100 sections in size with about 30,000 acres of actual mountains to Aoudad hunt in. Click HERE for specific pictures of the Hueco ranch and feel free to contact us for additional information.  

Exotic Hunting Ranches

We have access to over half a dozen ranches that are located either just outside Sonora Texas or within about an easy 1 hour drive from there for a variety of exotic species. These are a combination of both low fence ranches and also some high fence depending on the species. While on an Exotic hunt if there are hogs on the property most hunt packages allow you to take them at no additional charge. 

Processing and taxidermy is conveniently located in Sonora with shipping available for your meat and or trophy if needed. Terrain in this area is typically mild with most hunts being done spot & stalk, glassing from vantage points or some safari style. Blind hunting can also be set up. Check out the Exotic Page for most common Exotic species I offer and if you are looking for something in particular not listed just give us a call. Some exotics can be hunted year round and most make great table fare. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions.

Consuelo Ranch

The Consuelo Ranch is just south of Ozona Texas in Val Verde County, known for big Trophy Aoudad just as Presidio County is. Val Verde county also offers great Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts, Turkey, and Exotic hunting. Rancho Consuelo has a good road system, multiple protein feeders that Aoudad and Whitetail feed at frequently and a comfortable newly built lodge with satellite TV and Wi-Fi. There is even an ice machine to keep your ice chests topped off for cold beverages and to keep your trophies cool while transporting home.

West Texas Hunting Ranches

Consuelo Hunting Season

We will hunt here from September through early March for Aoudad and Whitetail during the regular general season. Hog hunts are available year-round. A combo hunt is a possibility if available. Terrain on the ranch varies from deep canyons, big valley floors, and small mesas which is an Aoudad and Deer paradise. Plant life consists of varying Cacti, Cedar, Oaks, Mesquite and Grass. The Brush and Cactus on the ranch make for good stalking conditions although they also make it hard to spot the Aoudad at times. The floor is very rocky and most of it is loose; a good walking stick will do you some good out here. Consuelo Ranch Photos Here.

Consuelo Hunting Trips

Most hunts our clients will have the properties to themselves with no other hunters unless they book with your group. These Hunting Trips will only be offered as guided packages. Group-style hunts still offer very high success rates (nearly 100%) and the ranch is large enough to support a group of up to 6 hunters easily. Rancho Consuelo totals over 8,000 acres and with all the big canyons, hills, and valleys and it hunts like a ranch twice its size. Rancho Consuelo is a great choice for the hunter wanting to hike or sit in a stand.

Devils River Properties

As of current we have 2 properties along the Devils River located a short drive from Comstock Tx. 1 offers easy access right off the highway while the other is a 45-minute trek in. These properties are specifically hunted for Aoudad only for WTHO and the numbers in this area are excellent. You will typically see 30 to 50+ a day on these ranches. This is canyon country with broken semi open terrain with elevation changes of 400ft to 700ft on average. There is a good road system on these properties for the most part and they are very similar in quality. The Consuelo Lodge can be utilized if hunting the Devils River #2 property.

For those needing a milder terrain hunt (still a challenge) this is the ideal area to look into. There are no Javelina included on these hunts but there are a few feral hogs which if seen are included in your hunt. These will be guided hunts with an occasional semi-guided hunt offered for small to medium-sized groups.

Devils River Photos Here.

West Texas Hunting Ranches

Directions to Consuelo and Devils River

These properties are located right outside Juno Texas (small dot on a Texas map) about 45 minutes to Ozona. Hunters can fly into San Angelo and rent a vehicle, or you can meet us near the Ranch. From San Angelo you can expect about a 2-hour drive to the ranch. Airport pick up is available for a small fee. You can also fly into San Antonio which is roughly 3-hours from the ranches in this area. We do have a Taxidermist available in Sonora who can pick up your Trophy from the ranch directly if you choose to do so. I also have multiple ranches on the Devils River which are a short drive from the Rancho Consuelo that also offer great Aoudad hunting opportunities. Please inquire about the latest ranches and specifics on each one.

Loma Alta Hunting Ranch

Located just outside the small town of Loma Alta Texas roughly 45 minutes south of Sonora Tx and 45 minutes north of Del Rio with easy access right off Highway 277. The property totals 13,000 acres with a vast road system. There is a very healthy population of Whitetail, Aoudad, Axis, Wild Hogs, and a few other various exotics. Comfortable cabin lodging is provided offsite but close by for our hunts here.

Spot and stalk is our primary hunting style on this ranch and the thick brushy hills require a lot of patience and a trained eye to locate game. Group hog hunts are popular on this ranch. Please call me for more details on this property.

4D North Ranch

4D North is located approximately 50 minutes south of Van Horn Texas bordering the Van Horn Ranch on its north side and Indio on its south side. Property size is roughly 30,000 acres with varied terrain from small mountains, cliff faces, big hills, creosote flats, grassy meadows along the river and even an irrigated field that is currently under construction. The ranch house is simple but can accomodate up to 10 people comfortably with wifi for our guests available.

There are stands and feeders in place to Javelina & Hog hunt over. The Aoudad like to live in the rough country so expect a physical challenge on this property. On occasion we offer a Mule deer hunt or two here and although the population is not high the potential trophy quality is for those that are patient.

Agua Fria Ranch

Agua Fria is located 45 minutes south of Alpine Tx to the ranch turn off and borders Big Bend State Park on one side. This is a very scenic yet rugged area. The property is well watered with several large earthen ponds holding water nearly year round, springs, and pumped water to troughs throughout. There are miles of roads and jeep trails. We offer Mule Deer, Aoudad, Javelina, Quail, Dove, and even Duck hunts on this property. The lodging set up can comfortably house about 10 people between the 2 bunk house located on the property. Combo hunts are a popular option for this ranch. Property size is roughly 25,000 acres.

If you want to get away from it all this is a great place to do so. Cell signal is minimal unless you go looking for it and the nearest bigger town is over an hour away. It is about 3.5 hours from El Paso International airport to Alpine. There is some great hunting on the ranch and it is only improving with our year round feed program in place along with predator control. Call me anytime for more information about the ranch.

Diamond TF Ranch

Diamond TF is conveniently located less than 10 minutes outside of Sonora Tx offering easy access right off the pavement. Both native and exotic hunts are offered here. The property is a combination of low fence on one side and also high fence on another. Wildebeest, Dybowski Sika, Oryx, Axis, Texas Dall and Black Buck are just some of the Exotic species found on the ranch. A managed whitetail herd and healthy Rio Grande Turkey population can be found throughout each pasture of the ranch.

San Angelo Tx airport is only 1 hour away from the ranch and San Antonio about 2.5 hours.

Under our whitetail page you will find more details about the ranch and lodging options or feel free to give me a call.

Highlonesome Ranch

High Lonesome is located 25 minutes west of Eldorado Tx off of Highway 190. About 1 hour and 15 minutes from the San Angelo airport and just under 3 hours from San Antonio. Under the Whitetail Page you will find a detailed description of the property and more pictures. If you have any questions give me a call anytime. 

Aoudad Archery Hunts


Looking for an Aoudad Archery Hunt? Well let's go get a Big Aoudad Ram with a Bow or Crossbow, Consuelo and Devils River Ranch are the places to do it. The Aoudad population on the ranch is High and a Trophy Ram in the 28" to 32" range is what is typically harvested. Rams upwards of 35 inches have been taken here almost every year. Mature Whitetails average 140" to 150" plus. Aoudad feed frequently at the many protein feeders on the ranch and we will set up Pop Up blinds or Tripod stands to hunt out of. You are more than welcome to try a Spot and Stalk Hunt as well but it’s going to be tough. Rifle hunts will consist of Hiking, Driving and Glassing and hunting Feed or watering stations. A good pair of Bino's and or Spotting Scope is a must on this Texas Hunting Ranch.

Come join us for a great West Texas Hunt! Give us a call or contact us for references and testimonials.

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