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West Texas Whitetail Deer Hunts

West Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Trophy, Management, Culls and Meat Hunts are offered on several Hunting Ranches in the West Texas area. Whitetail Hunts are priced for everyone's budget and each ranch is game managed with a limited number of hunts offered on each property each season.

MLD Tags and Regular Season hunts are offered. We welcome Archery hunters and larger groups can be accommodated. Available hunts are listed below and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email me.

**Rates Below are for the 2023/Early 2024 Season**

West Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Consuelo Ranch Low Fence
Whitetail Deer Hunts

Now Booking for the 2025 Season. 2025 Pricing is below.

Meals & Lodging included. 

4 Day 2x1 Guided Whitetail Deer Hunt (2 Hunters to Book) $3,995.00 Per Hunter (1 Trophy, 1 Cull, 1 Doe & Unlimited Hogs for each Hunter)

4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt $4,395.00 Per Hunter (1 Trophy, 1 Cull, 1 Doe & Unlimited Hogs. 

Consuelo Property Information

Consuelo Ranch is 8,000 acres located in Val Verde County in Juno Tx. The ranch is heavily protein fed year-round along with corn feeders and a decent road system. Multiple watering stations and both ground & elevated blinds are set up around the ranch, this allows our Deer hunters to rotate hunt locations if needed.

The terrain on the ranch is all large rocky hills with big grassy mesa tops and cedar hill sides. Strict management along with heavy protein feed and minimal to no hunting pressure will prove this ranch to be another little honey hole. The ranch contains multiple large draws and drainage's running throughout with Oaks and an occasional Mesquite. There is plenty of cover on the ranch for wildlife which also makes it hard to spot and stalk at times so our primary tactic will be to stand hunt first and rattling is permitted if it does not affect other hunters on the ranch. The Whitetail rut here usually starts to kick off early to mid-December. 

Consuelo Lodge

A brand new 3-bedroom roomy lodge was just built and will be included in these hunts starting December 1st, 2019. It will sleep 10 comfortably with private rooms & bathrooms available depending on group size. The house includes a large front room and kitchen to enjoy the evenings around the fireplace. Pictures coming soon!

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts at Consuelo

A Mature Trophy Whitetail Deer averages uppers 120s to low 140s on this property with the chance of a larger buck always a possibility.  This will be a rifle only hunt preferably. The ranch can easily support all 6 hunters at once, single hunters and small groups are also welcome.

Diamond TF Ranch 
Whitetail Deer Hunts

Click Here for More Whitetail Deer Photos.

We offer Low Fence free range hunts on this property and also High Fence hunts. High fence hunts are split into 2 areas with the first being the North Pasture where we are managing for large clean racked deer. The South Pasture are native deer we are managing for their full potential. High fence hunts are all pasture born animals.

Diamond TF Whitetail Deer Hunts

This ranch is a hunter's paradise being close to town (Sonora Tx), easily accessible and a great interior road system. There are 5 separate food plots kept up almost year round strictly for wildlife and water sources throughout on the low fence side. There is a managed deer herd, strong turkey numbers and various exotics such as Scimitar Oryx, Black Buck, and Axis all on the low fence portion of the ranch.

On low fence Trophy hunts on an average rain fall year you can expect a buck in the 130s to 140s with 150" class bucks a possibility.

The eastern half of the ranch is high fenced with a north and south pasture. The south pasture is Texas native genetics, not altered in any way and on our northern portion the ranch is managing for large cleaner racked genetics that can be offered at very completive rates. High fence deer hunts will be on MLD/Ranch Tags meaning you use tags issued to the ranch and the season is also extended. There are also Impala, Dybowski Sika, Wildebeest, Oryx, and TX Dall Rams on this part of the ranch offering a wide variety of species for everyone to enjoy. Hunts will take place out of comfortable blinds for Whitetail.

Diamond TF Lodging

There is an onsite clean cozy 2-bedroom cabin that sleeps 6 comfortably and also a separate new cabin that sleeps 6 with its own bathroom and laundry room. The ranch is located less than 1 hour from the San Angelo airport.

             High Lonesome Ranch              Whitetail Hunt

Click Here for Many More Whitetail Deer Photos.

2 Spots left for this Season!!!   

3 Day Semi Guided Hunt with 3 Nights Lodging & Meals 

1 Whitetail Buck of Your Choice (Low Fence) and 1 Whitetail Doe 

$2,995.00 Per Hunter (1 to 6 Hunters Can be Accommodated) 

If Seen- Red Stag Trophy Fee to Add on is $5,500.00

High Lonesome Property Information

1,600 acres low fence & 800 acres high fence available for Whitetail & Exotics on the Schleicher/Crockett County line just south of San Angelo Tx. Family owned and managed property with a comfortable rock house for hunters lodging with a pool table.

The terrain on the ranch is gentle rolling hills with Oak and Cedars along with Mesquite flats and large draws. The diversity of terrain is ideal for the whitetail herd which is strictly managed. There is a healthy population of native game, little to no livestock, virtually no Coyotes and No Hogs (yet). There are some Free range Red Stag on the low fence portion of the ranch that can be added on for a fee.

High Lonesome Deer Hunt

If our quotas allow, up to 6 hunters at a time can be accommodated for a hunt with the primary tactic being out of ground or elevated blinds over feeders. If the time is appropriate rattling will also be done. A mature buck on this property will be a mid 120s into the 130s realistically. The area occasionally produces larger.

*High Fence Portion of the Ranch*

800 Acres of the ranch was high fenced and completed in July 2021.  Hunts are now available for Mouflon, Fallow, Pere David, Axis, Black Buck, Ibex Cross, Ibex, and more species. We are managing this portion of the property for big Trophy quality Exotic animals with the occasional meat hunt. Give me a call for pricing and availability.

Diamond TF Ranch
Deer Hunt Pricing

Low Fence Trophy Hunt: Booked for 2024, Inquire for 2025. 

$4,295.00 25' Pricing (1 Mature Buck and Up to 2 Does) 

3 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt with 3 nights Lodging and Meals

Low Fence Management Buck Hunt: Booked for 2024 

$2,395.00 25' Pricing (1 Mature Buck up to 8 Points and 1 doe) 

2-day Guided hunt with 2 Nights Lodging

*Inquire for Doe Hunt Packages and Availability*

South Pasture Trophy Hunt: (Booked for 2024)           

Pasture Born native deer. 1 Mature Buck Any Size. 3 Day Guided Hunt with lodging & meals.  $4,795.00 Per Hunter 2025 Pricing

South Pasture  Management Hunt:    (Booked for 2024)             

One Management buck, guides call. 2.5 Day Guided Hunt with lodging & meals. $2,895.00 Per Hunter 2025 Pricing

Cull Bucks - NA | Doe Hunt $700 (2 Does) - (Booked for 2024)

Please inquire for availability, pictures, and pricing on North Pasture bucks.

North Pasture Big Trophy Buck Hunts:  Booked for 2024

Average pricing for these hunts will be $7,500 to $11,500 Each and we do not do tier pricing here. Pricing is for a specific buck(s) that have made our "Hit List" for the year. That way you our client does not have to worry about any extra fees if the buck is over a certain size, etc. There are no daily fees or hidden fees for these hunts.

We only take 2 to 3 Trophy Bucks from the North pasture each season with the occasional management buck offered. Clients who are booked for the current season have the first option to rebook for the following season making this a great option for a business/corporate type hunt.

Typically there are 5 to 6 bucks that make our hit list each season giving our clients options on several bucks. I try to have good photos of these bucks when they are fully grown out in the mid September into early October time frame at the latest. 

A deposit will hold your spot(s) and is on a first come first serve basis when available. Please contact me with any questions or for more details on this hunt.

New Ranch Coming Soon

I was on the search for a new ranch to offer hunts for but we were blessed in securing more acreage bordering a couple of our existing ranches allowing us more opportunities to offer our clients. If something special comes along though you will see it posted here. Happy Hunting.

Ranked as one of the Top West Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Destinations in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

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